Sympathy message for loss of mother/father

What is Sympathy Message?

Sympathy is the fellow-feeling and arises from the relationship between persons or things where should one is affected by something, the other is going to get the same. Sympathy Message is the messages addressed to heal the anguish of the people suffering from pain and/or sorrow of loss. It contains few words wholly intended to relieve the anguish.

When to Use Sympathy Messages

We usually offer a few words to our nearest and dearest one if she or he suffers from loss, pain, and anguish. The messages contain some softening words, images, and quotes.  Despite having no financial benefits, sympathy messages can smooth the aching heart of the sufferers.

100 Sympathy Messages for sharing with friends

Here you’ll get the 100 sample sympathy messages for your ease of references. You can either use them directly or customize before sending to the person you are to sympathize. Moreover; in some examples, we have used dots wherein you have to insert the name of the person concerned.

  • My peace be with you during this difficult time of your life. Please have patience and let the dime pass. I wish your heart were capable of resisting the anguish of soul.
  • Time is the best healer. Let time heal the sores of your hurt caused by the loss of your beloved……. May the Almighty be with you.
  • Let me express my earnest condolences on your difficult time. Human life is a bed of thrones. I hope you can put up with the suffering of your soul.
  • Never feel that you are alone. My heart is full with you and will remain so in the coming days as well.
  • We, of course, have no words to utter actually to appease your mind in this type of sorrow. Despite theses, please be known that we all are now in the equal state upon knowing about you.
  • No matter how you are passing this time of sorrow good days are certainly waiting for you.Our deepest sympathy goes to you and May the Almighty give you will-power to resist the ache in the mind.
  • With love and remembrance, he would remain ever fresh in our mind and would always be in our prayer, always.
  • Some are remembered forever. Some would be missing always. He would remain in our mind as alive. His presence will never be lost from our feeling at all.
  • It is not at all an easy task to endure such a loss of beloved one. So, pray to the Almighty to provide you with the mental strength to pass these tough days i.e. days in absence of …….100 Sympathy Messages for sharing with friends

Popular Sympathy Messages

  • You cannot just imagine the state of our mind on hearing the news of your loss of Mr. Henry. Though it is not possible for us to make you regain him. It is not decent but we assure you it is your affection for Mr. Henry will pave the way for your forthcoming meeting with him in the paradise.
  • We still can recall clearly the ever-smiling face of Ms. Alva. and She will be with us as always. We pray for her peace and success in the life hereafter. We also pray for your strength to face the time bravely.
  • Under no circumstances can we forget her smiling face. She will be as she was among us. Our sympathies go to you and your family members. We pray for your quick passing of a hard time.
  • The grief you are now suffering is transient and ending soon. What is actually ever-lasting is his immortal memory in our mind. We wish his success in the life hereafter.
  • Quite similarly we will feel the great presence of her good gesture. People like her deserve so. However; we wish your quick recovery of sadness.
  • Upon getting the news of his departure, all of our family members got stuck and speechless for some time since we cannot think of ourselves for the remaining life. It is really hard to cope up with. Wishing early healing of the sadness of your mind. 
  • Never did we even think of losing her such an early stage of our lives. He was our inspiration and motivation to survive. So, we all would be living like a dying patient. It is unrecoverable in all respects. Our deeper sympathies to his family members.
  • What the death brings to the man like him is to unite his souls with our Lord. So, it is not worthy lamenting because he was a man of goodness and utter sacrificing. He would certainly be closer to our Lord.
  • We are not in sorrowful at all since we know and believe that woman like her has by this time might have gained the second of the God in the paradise. It is the usual destination of the human. Good sympathies to your family.
  • He might have shown his deep obedience to the will of the Almighty and bid farewell to us and leave the unholy world forever. So, we believe he might have reached the proximity of the Lord. Condolences to your family.
  • Like the living stars in the sky, she will he in our mind forever and ever. Never lose hope of meeting him very soon. Please accept our sympathies.
  • Her immortality lies in his virtues and the good deed to us during his lifetime. Thus, he will be missed a lot but never be forgotten, yes even for a while.
  • May the Almighty pacify your agonizing hearts with his mercy and peace. Hope you kindly accept our heartfelt condolences.
  • Not a single day we pass without her. Now onward we have to pass which is impossible for us, no doubt. It is her remembrance that would lead us forward. She will be in our prayer time as well. Please accept our condolences.
  • The man who has provided us with the living force has left forever. But it seems to us that he would still be with around us with his smiling face. We pray for his success in the life hereafter. We extend our sympathies to your family members.

Best Sympathy Messages

The best sympathy messages are of course from your hand and ours above guide only. Let us have you comment in the below box.