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The inspiration behind the creation of sympathies.co:
Just four years ago I have been suffering a loss of my grandmother who was a lady of dignity and honesty. The love and sacrifices she showed to me and our family are rare in the family life.

On her passing away I found that my friends are sending me condolences email or letters. I just got that curing the feeling of those messages on the loss of my grandmother. All of those messages suggested me that I am not alone. It was my friend’s inspirational messages and condolences that help me to reduce the burden of the heaviness of the loss.

Above all; the consolation I found from my messages and emails of my friends were really amazing and awesome. All those consolations made me bold and brave to read the definition of life again, and the dreadful answers she left behind remind me of the uncompleted task of her life at the time.

This way I just rediscovered the true benefit of condolences then afterward I decided to share my experiences with the readers and to help the people who are going to write a condolence for the friends. This is the background of the creation of Sympatheis.co, the bird of condolences.

Importance of Showing condolences in social life
As a human being, we live in social life in association with other persons or families. In the social life, we rejoice the good news of ours and those of others. In the same fashion, we feel the same grief of others. For examples, the passing away of one person causes the feeling of sorrows to the bereaved family, and that also makes us sad and this is the motto of social life.

At the time of sadness of our neighboring families, we can extend our sympathies to the bereaved family so so reduce the burden of the grief. This way social bonding becomes solid and lasting.

Sympathies or condolences are messages sent to our friends and relatives who have been mourning the death of their nearest and dearest one. We can email or send pre-printed cards to them with our condolences.

In this website, we have here thousands of sympathy sentiments, condolences messages, and quotes so that our valued readers can have a general idea on the wording of condolences and accordingly draft their personal funeral sympathy cards.

Moreover; we have some Sympathy Thank you Messages for the bereaved members to convey their gratitude to those who have sent condolences to them.

Condolences can relieve the pain of losing the nearest and dearest one. To express the fellow feeling, we cannot but say few words to the people suffering from anguish and sorrow. However; the writing of suitable condolences messages requires thinking a lot, which is always time-consuming.

We live in a society in a group so that we can be of assistance of another if anyone suffers loss. We should be helping him to get rid of those losses. If we can’t we should be sympathizing him in order to reduce the pain office suffering and loss.

Of course, it is the human tendency to show sympathy if our friends and family are suffering different types of losses. On the other hand; when the nearest and dearest one of our friends and family pass away, we offer them condolences.

It is true that you’ll find at least some 100 websites covering the topics of condolences and sympathies but I found all of them are listing some condolences message without any appealing text. On the other hand what we want to mention in our condolences to the bereaved family is that our message should be reducing the pain of the suffering of the bereaved members of the family. In our website, we try our best to cater for our readers’ need i.e. you just need some particular sample messages for loss of a mother /father/ sister and brother.

In our website, you will find separate personalized messages and the same to share with your friends in your messages. You can add your story of the deceased person and this will console the anguish of the friends and family. You will find appealing messages in our different pages.

How to use our messages in your condolences:
This is Easy if you are using a computer or mobile devices, you can just copy our messages you have chosen for your messages. It may be noted you can insert the name of the dead person in your messages.

Most importantly you can insert a memory of the deceased person in your messages. This will encourage the living and surviving family members and at the same time, it will strengthen the relationship you have with that family. They can be happy when they will see the intimate memories you are also cherishing in your mind. The family member will be happy to know these past days.

In some cases, I have found that if you tell them that you are going to execute one of the dreams of that dead person, then the bereaved families will be more than happy to know that you are doing all implementing his or her dreams. This is when we can show our condolences to the family. Above all; I am just saying the ideas to insert in the messages on your writing of the sympathy cards.

With a view to guiding you to write a healing sympathy message with coherence, in this website you’ll get thousands of sample sympathy messages for your ease of reference. Moreover; there is a huge collection of the sample condolences, sympathy quotes and sympathy cards for sharing with your friends.

The Topics we covered in Sympathies.co
The following topics or heading you will find our post categories.

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sympathy quotes
Sorry for your loss quotes
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and finally a huge collection of inspirational quotes.
In our website, we have created an option for submission of sympathy quotes by readers and manually you can send your messages to us and we pick the best one for our future readers.

You are requested to send your messages to the email address that is cindy.bai1@outlook.com, alternatively, you can use our comments box in the lower part of the each and every post, contact us here.

To sum up; I would request you to kindly share with your social media accounts so that your other friends or family members can be in touch with sympathies.co and be a part of the group of people who love to sympathize.

friends or family members can be in touch with sympathies.co and be a part of the group of people who love to sympathize.

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