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comforting words to say

Comforting Words To Say When Someone Dies

The human being is the only animal group who has the power of feeling of other’s joy or sorrow. No other animal has this faculty for which we get empathy and sympathy, so we...


Eulogy: Definition, Format, How to Start, and Short Examples

Definition of Eulogy According to Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, eulogy is a speech or piece of writing in which you praise someone or something very much, especially at a funeral. Traditionally we offer...

Sympathy Sentiments for Your Greeting Cards

Sympathy Sentiments for Your Greeting Cards

Sympathy card sentiments We actually extend our support to our friends and the familiar person who has suffered a loss of father/mother/husband. In the initial stages of expressing our association, we send our condolences...


99 Sympathy Notes for Loss

Sympathy Notes for Loss Dear readers, it is known to all of us that human being is mortal. Our friends and family suffer from tough anguish and sore at the death of the nearest...