Condolences messages for your friends and relatives 2021

So what are the Condolences Messages?

Condolence Messages are the text messages written for expressing sympathies to the bereaved family members. The human being can by nature feel the agonies of another human if he or she comes to know or watch the sufferings of others. Our feelings of sorrow sometimes force us to move forward towards the distressed and their family either to help them out or to say a few comforting words. This condolence makes them breathe with peace at the time of difficulties.

During the time of distress, every man or woman feel loneliness and anguish. Their hearts burn with the end of life of nearest and dearest one. Not a single medicine can cure the sorrowfulness of those minds. It is affinity of the friends, relatives or well-wishers that can effectively relieve the anguish through offering condolence messages as well as gifts. If they come to know that we share the sorrow and we are thinking of them, they feel a bit well.

Short Condolence messages for loss of a friend

  • At his death, I see the cries of nature everywhere. I don’t know when I will feel normal.
  • At your loss, we are keeping you all in our hearts. Please accept our condolence.
  • My deepest condolences are with your family. May God allow you enough patience to cope up with the tough situation of life.
  • My prayers are for your family so that our Creator eases your pain at this tough time.
  • May the soul of your loving mother be at peace in the paradise with the blessings of our Lord.
  • May our love give you peace to get you through these difficult days.
  • The fond memories of your mother will remain ever fresh in my mind. I am so sorry for your loss.
  • My most heartfelt condolences to you at your sudden demise of the father.
  • Though we part with our beloved grandmother with shedding tears, the heaven will get its new dweller with adulation. My sincere condolences to you.
  • May our Lord allow her the best position in the heaven. My thoughts and prayers for you.
  • His uniqueness in devotion for us is never forgettable. Please accept our deep sympathies.
  • Not all souls die. Some live in the hearts of the people. I’m so sad for your loss.
  • Our love and feeling will be around you at your distress. Please accept our condolences.
  • My mind is lamenting for the good souls of your husband who must be rewarded by our Lord in the heaven.
  • I know no ward will cure your wound. My prayers are for your fortitude at this time of sorrow.
  • Lots of love and affection for the departed souls of your beloved mother.
  • No cry, no sorrow, no lament but bursting into tears in the fond memories of the departed souls that cried for us, that became sad for us. Please accept my condolences.
  • On the passing of a mother, we are both sorry for her departed, and stimulated by her loving memories to move with new zeal.
  • Never feel so sad as her departure is solely by the will of our Lord, who loves her more than anyone ‘else.
  • A man like your husband will always be missed. Please accept our heartfelt condolences.
  • Such a separation is horribly agonizing for us. My prayers and thoughts are with you in these days
  • Our hearts go out to you in your sadness.
  • My prayers and thoughts are with the grieving family.
  • Our collective hearts are heavy with sympathies for your loss.
  • From the bottom of your heart sharing in your sorrow with love and friendship.
  • May you have strength and fortitude to overcome this hard day.
  • Words fall short of expressing my mourning for the passing of your husband.
  • My deepest condolences on the eternal departure of your grandmother.
  • I’m always there in your hour of need. Please feel free to call me anytime.
  • May her departed soul rest in peace in the fairyland.
  • May you stay optimistic of life with the fond memories of your loving mother.
  • Please accept my sincere condolences for your loss.
  • No words can express the depth of my sadness for your loss.
  • May you be patient and peaceful with the mercy of our Lord.
  • May the departed souls rest in peace in the heaven!
  • Adieu, my dearest friend from the physical world. You will live in our hearts through your invincible deed !
  • Would that she were not gone! She would be loved. She’s gone to our Lord, She’s in heaven.
  • Someone so special like your brother can never be obliterated from our mind.
  • Thinking of you, my dear friend, at this time of suffering.
  • Loving memories of your father have become a treasure for the nation.
  • Please accept my love and condolences on this loss.
  • Everything I see seems unstable. Every word I hear seems harsh. Just knowing his demise.
  • The whole thing is going undisciplined in my life upon hearing the passing of your brother.
  • The imbalances are getting evident in the daily activities on the demise of your brother.
  • The horror of living is visible from all corners. I feel like leaving the world with my dear friend, Jack.condolences-messages
  • Our helplessness is growing on his sudden death. We are quite undone.
  • The saddest thought is moving around our minds after knowing his passing away.
  • The atrocities of ocean seem unfathomable on his unwelcome passing away.
  • The harshness of sun defeats the discomfort at deserts.sorry-for-loss-quotes

The losing memoirs of your father are an inspiration for all ages. We will really miss him. Please accept our sincere condolences.

short condolence messages
short condolence messages

Let your heart be comforted by the loving memories of your father. My deepest condolences for your family on the loss of your father.

short condolence messages for loss
short condolence messages for loss

We know this is the hard time for you to cope up with the loss. My heart is also burning. Kindly accept my cordial sympathies.

short condolence messages on loss of mother
short condolence messages on loss of mother

I am fortunate that I’ve four years with your beloved. He was a man of quality. His human attributes will guide the generation ahead. At your time of sorrow, we are sharing your pain.

shortest condolence messages
shortest condolence messages

Condolences Messages for Loss of Mother

In the event of the demise of the mother of our friends, we can offer our condolences to the family with the following sample messages. We can also insert the name or relationship of the dead in our drafting.

  • My heart is also mourning the death of your mother. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
  • For we all have to succumb to death, we wish you would be able to resist the pain of losing the guardian of your family. Our sincere condolences are with your family.
  • With this letter, my hearts want to extend its association with you and your family. So, accept my cordial condolences to you.
  • Please accept my condolences on the demise of your grandmother.condolence messages for loss of mother
  • My deeper condolences to your family and I pray to the Almighty for the salvation of the departed soul of your mother.
  • Her virtues and deeds would make her immortal to the villagers, so we will keep her in our prayers and thought of doing good kinds of stuff. She has conquered the death as well. We should prefer to such a death. Our intimate condolence messages are for her family.
  • We wish her good souls will rest in peace in the heaven which should be the abode of such a good woman. At her death please accept our heartfelt condolences to you and your families.
  • Death is the continuation of life dead helps people with our Lord I am sorry for your mother’s passing.
  • We born in this world and live in this world and I will die all of the facts of human life none can we exception to. We pray for your strength in such harder time. You have our deepest condolences.
  • We are sorry and the news of the passing of your mother. We pray to the Lord for your endurance at this difficulties. Please ask us for any help you need we will be more than happy to be beside you.
  • I’m sorry for the passing of your mother. I have the similar experiences earlier please never lost patience the time will pass away shortly You Are Not Alone you have our deepest condolence.
Short condolence messages

Condolences Messages for Loss of Friend’s Mother

  • Please accept our deepest condolence on the death of your mother. You are not alone. You have all the condolences from us I hope he will live in the same tempo within inspiration already you have from your mother.
  • His memories and talking and guess are unforgettable. What is still prevalent in our heart? Our hearts and mind always cry much for your loss. Please receive our condolences.
  • We hope and pray that you’ll still get inspiration from the good memories of your mother. Please ask us if you need any help any time of any matter.
  • I know that none of our sympathy words will make you feel better such a difficult time but never feel alone you have all the condolences on our part.condolences messages for husband
  • We are sorry for the end of your mother’s life. We will keep her in our prayers and heart. Please accept our condolences.
  • At the death of your father we are very sad we just can’t express the sorrowfulness of our mind. We pray for you and your family member’s endurance in this unrecoverable loss.

Condolences Messages for Loss of Father

We can offer the following messages to the bereaved families of our relatives or friends. It is good to add the particular name and/or relationship with addresses of the messages.

  • I was really shocked at hearing the news of your father’s premature death. Please accept my sincere sympathy to your family.
  • I know that nothing in this world can compensate the sufferings you and your family have experienced due to the death of your father. Yet please accept my condolences.condolenec messages for loss of father
  • The sad news has wounded me seriously and I could not help remembering your father, particularly his virtues. My condolences are here for his passing away.
  • Death being inevitable consequences of human life, your father has passed away. Never feel sorry for his death since he would have been meeting the mercy of the Lord. Our condolences are for you.
  • We pray to the Lord for giving you the power of coping up with sorrow of losing your father. Our condolences are with your family.
  • The hard days of your family soon come to an end. We wish you would be able to lead your family in the absence of your father. Please call us anytime anywhere you wish for any types of assistance. Our sincere and deepest condolences are with your family members.
  • Not a single person I have met during my lifetime as honest as your father was. I will surely keep him in my prayers and wish a good salvation of his souls. Please acknowledge our condolence at this time.
  • Everyone should prefer to such a virtuous death that your good father has experienced since the cause of his death was truly for the sake of the nation. The man was successful in the material world and has won the death as well through deeds. However; my condolences go to your family.
  • All of our offerings go to the souls of the diseased as he has sacrificed his life for the country. Our deepest condolences go to his family.
  • We will miss him a lot during the rest of my life as he has immortalized himself by virtue of his good deeds one after another. Our condolences are with his family.
Condolences Messages for Loss

Short Condolences Messages for the Suffering Family

  • Sorry for your loss. Recovery for this is my wish. I hope you’ll be able to pass these hard times with patience.
  • When I first came to know the news of your losing of your beloved mothers, I was mentally wounded. I couldn’t walk I couldn’t talk I stand still I was thinking of you and your family. Please ask me any types of needs.
  • The man who lost was a good one everybody up this locality Praises him. You should be proud of him because he will soon meet our creator he soon started living in the house of paradise.
  • Keeping patience is your challenges now. He was a little tied up with parents who have more responsibilities you are not alone you do have all condolences on our part.
  • I’m a really sad happy loss of mother she was not only your mother but also our College mistress. She was women of honor and dignity. We love her very much will miss her time and again.
  • We heard the news which makes us feel sad you’re not alone we will always be with you in your life. Please ask us anything you can anytime. We will be more than happy to assist you.
  • I am really shocked at hearing the news of your father departure. May his soul be in association with the heavens.condolences messages for friends
  • His memories are so vivid that can never be forgotten from our mind. You have all the sympathies.
  • Losing dearest person is too pathetic to put up with. Let’s our Lord allow you enough patience. Please accept my condolences.
  • I know that no condolence can make good of your pain and sufferings for the end of your mother’s life. Nevertheless, we are with you all the time please accept our condolences.
  • May the Lord allow the blessings in the middle of this hard time. Please accept our condolences and the demise of your husband
  • The human being is bound to die there is no exception. We must show patience and have optimism in God’s decisions. Please acknowledge our sincere condolences.
  • condolence message
  • Please be satisfied with the divine order of the Lord who might have chosen your husband for his ultimate blessings. You and I will sooner meet him again in the Arcadia.
  • Man and woman are the noblest creation of our Lord. We get acquainted in this world with His blessings and live together in peace. Here death of one is just a pause and not an end at all. You will soon get your wife’s intimacy in the afterworld. Please accept my heartfelt condolences for the deaths of your wife.
  • I am sad to know that you have lost your wife whom you love more than your life. Please be assured that death is not an end but an edge of the perpetual trust in the Promised Land. So, just wait for blessings of our Creator. Please accept my cordial condolence.condolences messages for brother
  • Please accept my earnest condolences at your loss of your wife. The lady was of good virtues and noble deed. We wish her peace in the afterworld. May our Creator give you the patience to overcome the transient hardship and let you meet her in the kingdom come.
  • I’m sorry for your loss. It is very sad that he has left us forever and it started for reaching the paradise to meet the angels we pray for his determined in the library Pub and at the same time we hope that you’d be able to sustain the situation.
  • You just can’t believe that a river of sorrow and sadness is Flowing inside my mind to hear the news of his departure you’ll have all the sympathies from our part please ask us for any help you need.
  • My heart gets shocked just thinking of his future absence from our sights. We’ll miss him all the time. You will have all of our condolences.

Condolence message for loss of husband

In this paragraph, we have some sympathy messages for loss of the husband. You can have a look at the messages to draft your personal customized messages to offer to your friends or relatives.

  • I am extremely saddened to hear of the death new of Mr. X. He was respected home and around the globe. I also offer my profound sympathies at your sad time.Condolence message for loss of husband
  • No words can express my feelings to hear the news of his death. I could fathom on the tragedy of his life. Please accept my profound condolence.
  • Passing away is not a new one to our life. With the divine mercy, we have to set for the unknown world. We pray for his salvation there. I offer my deep condolences for your family.
  • At this sad time hope you will get optimism from his dreams. In fulfilling his dreams you will find him alive and besides you. Please accept my sincere condolences.
  • I have heard the news of his death last week which is very shocking for me. He was one of the most respected people in the college. Please accept my condolences here.
  • Sorry for your loss. God might have any noble intention here. So, you should not lose patience. Please ask me for any need. I will be more than happy to be with you.
  • Departure is a natural phenomenon devised by our Creator. Everybody has to fall prey to death. The surviving spouse should keep patience. We wish you will overcome these sad days.
  • My heart’s been in sadness since hearing of the death of the husband. He was much admired among us. I sincerely pray to Creator for his salvation. Please talk to me for any help, and acknowledge my cordial condolences.
  • I do not have that many words to express the actual sadness inside my mind at hearing the news of your husband’s death. He was a respected person in our circle. I pray for his departed souls, and at the same time, I would request you to ask me any you need any help and acknowledge my sincere condolences.
Condolence SMS
Condolence SMS
Condolence SMS to Express Sympathy
  • I offer my heartfelt condolences to your family at the loss of your brave son. He was a man of peace and sacrifice. His good memories will encourage all of us. I personally pray for his salvation in the fairy land.
  • We have all the sympathy for your loss of a son. We exhort you to feel proud of having such a brave son. People of our time will never forget him. He will be living among us through his immortal sacrifice.
  • We salute the brave soul of your son who died for families and their friends please be assured that we have the same feeling here and there we will stand with you in this moment of great sadness.
  • I have my expression of my condolences to the families who suffered a loss. My hearts and prayers will be with you always.condolences sms
  • I am deeply shocked to know that loss you recently experience in Toronto Canada. The incidence of this time is really sad for us as a nation.
  • we express our condolences to the suffering community. Do not let this incidence break you let it make their communities stronger.
  • I’m sorry for the loss I know that my wife has already expressed her deepest feelings I know happy are to have all of us in your time.
  • We are sorry for a loss we got shocked. You are not alone we stand with you. We should be for you. We are more Resolute than ever for the sake of protecting the interests of the country please feel proud of having been a member of such a family that lost their members.
  • I’m sorry for your loss, please accepts my love and hugs and promise to continue to support for your family and your friends.
  • We are deeply shocked to hear about your loss hereby we share your scores, anger, and loss.
  • Please accept our condolences. Moreover; I can’t just compare my pain with those other family members who lost. We are sorry for what you are now suffering.
  • We are sorry for your loss let us celebrate the expedition you are under green against the enemies of the land please be brave As You Are backed up by the millions of Minds.
  • Our minds are aching for loss. So far as I know when one died for the country are directly placed in the heavens. So please stay strong and know that the world has you in their prayers and talk.

Donald Trump tweeted his condolences messages Tuesday over the death of conservative activist and lawyer Phyllis Schlafly.

Official Condolences Messages for Colleagues’ loss
  • On behalf of the People’s Republic of [ Insert the name of the country], I want to extend my deepest condolences to the families that have lost their dearest and nearest one in the tragedy of [Insert the name of the country]. I hope the people of [insert name of the country] will soonest overcome the sore. Moreover; our thanks go to the government troops that worked so hard in response to these dreadful accidents.
  • Walking as freedom fighters for the last 30 years I have experienced several incidents of these types and I found that it is quite difficult to survive in front of repeated attacks by the enemies. The recent attack in the city of [Name of the city] was most devastating than all other incidents of the last two decades. In spite of this, we should still stay strong and I’m sure if we could continue to stay defiant of those who oppress us, we will win within years. Besides, I have all condolences for the bereaved families.
dolences messages for father
  • Our deepest condolences are to the families that lost their bread earners in the tragedy of [Name of the country]. We are committed to adopting measures for measures against the criminals. Please stay brave and be sure that you have all the sympathies. Hope my Condolences Messages will smoothen you a lot.
  • We have all sympathetic feeling for the people who lost the life in the recent insurgents. Please be assured that we have the same feeling of loss. Here we are feeling the same pain in our hearts. Certainly, we will fight the enemies of our beloved motherland.
  • Being one of the Survivors of the [WW II], I can say that it is not difficult to defeat the enemies of a country that has a youth generation. We will win in our fight if we are brave and confident. However; we offer our profound condolences to the affected families.
  • On behalf of our freedom fighters, we have all the condolences for the bereaved families. As all of us are living in the enemy territory, we hereby invite our brothers and sisters of all races and religions to continue working together for the independence of the country. We will certainly win.
Condolences Messages
Condolences Messages

The contents of Condolence Message

The relatives or friends offer the deep sympathy messages for Loss to the sufferers. Whenever any of our friends or close relatives pass away or suffer a material loss, we can extend our condolences to them. These condolence poems, letters or messages can be a great support to them as they are in the sorrow of losing someone beloved or something valuable. Therefore; sympathy card wording must also be of good quality.

Writing a sympathy message is not that much because if you know the tricks to writing the feelings you have for a person. Most of the time I prefer to write a sympathy message by mentioning the popular memory of the person this way we can make our condolence messages with a personal touch.

Even for the death of a pet, we can offer short condolence messages for loss of the pet. Above all expression of condolence must be of the comforting words to say when someone dies.

short condolence messages

Mentioning a particular memory of a person is not that much challenging. Because we might have some interaction with the person who has expired. The bereaved member of the family loves to hear some memories or quotes of the person they just lost. That’s why we have written our condolences with a personal touch at least through a good sympathy signature so that this can be appealing to our friends and their family.

Share your condolences messages with us

Hope you’ve found the post as a guide to your drafting of your sincere condolences messages for sharing with friends. You can also see hundreds of condolences quotes for a loss here. We look forward to getting your feedback in the comment box which will obliviously enrich the page for our readers.

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