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Short Condolences Poems

Hi! viewers, in this page we have presented some emotional condolence poems for your sharing. Expressing your sad feeling for your friends is challenging and sometimes speeches fail to do so. But poems can be an option, of course, short poems can fit. Moreover; you can use some genuine condolences quotes in your messages. Young Poets of this time are happy to write in the social media and website.

The poems we published here are penned by some young poets. Most of them are college students. Hope you will enjoy our poems of condolences. One of the poets of this age has defined the poetry in the following lines:“What draws me to poetry is an enchantment with language, a feeling for the world, a set of feelings nothing but poetry can satisfy.”—Brenda Hillman, Academy of American Poets Chancellor (2016– ) SOURCE:

1 Death is not an end of life

Some Souls are traveling the universe
to inspire the human race,
As was She for our time
to guide us with her grace.

Seemingly She left us forever,
her inspiration and devotion for us,
her imprint will be obliterated never.

She will be residing in the morning mist of the heaven.

Those who are virtually passed would meet her there again.

Remember death is not an end of life,
it is nothing but the door to the next half,
paving the way for meeting with the one we love.

It’s God’s will,
over all creatures
death will win.

To have favor of our Lord,
Let’s lead a life at his accord.

2 Resembles her

The beauties and the serenity of the morning in the winter resemble her goodness.

Nothing more requires for me to imitate.

The innocence and integrity of a newborn child resemble her simplicity.

Nothing can be more promising than child’s birthday.

The revealing of the new leaves of the trees in the autumn resembles her richness of thoughts. Nothing is more optimistic for me to hanker after.

The murmuring sound of the water at the end of the cascade resembles her silence.

Nothing is more educative for me to seek.

The steadiness and patience of a wife who lost her husband in the air crash resemble her morale. Nothing tough can be my lesson to take note of.

The pain in the compassionate heart of countrymen at the loss of brave sons resembles her everyday sores. Nothing more sorrowful can happen to the masses.

Poem 3

The numbness of Nature

Yesterday when I got the death news

I was in dismay

I saw the skies are crying

I saw her hips are moving

I saw the rivers they stop growing

I saw the ocean is stop weaving

I saw the trees are not moving

I saw the birds are not flying

I saw the sun is gloomy

All this made me numb and speechless.

Yesterday when I saw the dead body

My eyes are crying

My heart was aching

My body was motionless

My legs are dead

My hands got numb

My tongue become speechless

All those made me still and dying.

Yesterday when I saw

Her dead body was carried to the graveyard

Everybody of this locality was in gloomy mood

There is a procession of people to pay tribute to the departed soul.

Yesterday when I saw

The people lamenting for her death become numb

and became quite in honoring the death.

And yesterday I concluded that she was successful during his lifetime and also at the time of death.

You and I should feel proud of her as wins death.

Poem 4

The Door of Paradise

Whoever has the good relationship with the Lord need not fear the death.
Whosoever had led his life in a way prescribed by our creator should not fear the Angels of death.
You should feel better the joy of meeting with the Lord.
The joy of seeing the paradise,
The joy of living with the angels,
The joy of Looking at the beauties of Heaven.

Do you want the door and its key-ring of the paradise in your hand?
Carrying out the order of the Lord,
Donating to the poor people of your neighborhood,
Nursing to the sick people of your friends and family,
Feeding the hungry people can bring the keys of paradises’ door.

Condolences Verses:

In the winning world, we love to wait for the night to pass

And in the morning I walk under the sunlight and wait for the sunlight to fade away.

In the night I am doing the last prayer to get light from the hearts that left the worlds of course in the greater mercy of the Creator.

In the day I wait for none I look for me.

Thus, night after the night visit to come on my mind. I am tired to experiences the same. I am now waiting and will be waiting for the angels to take me to the Lord, my dear creator.

I am where I am not to be. For what I am waiting now is the order of the Lord to meet my beloved one in the dreamland and of course with the greater mercy of my creator.

I will wait for the angels to come so that my dream is being implemented. My home is to double space for the life there to live in the heaven. I am now preparing to leave in the world and of course with the greater mercy of my creator.

Shortly I’ll be following you that guys left for our God.

I am preparing the way I should move and the way the Lord has clarified to me and the Lord will be happy with us in the heaven and I will hope to meet our creator and of course with the greater mercy of my creator.

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