Eulogy: Definition, Format, How to Start, and Short Examples for your personalization

Definition of Eulogy

According to Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, the eulogy is a speech or piece of writing in which you praise someone or something very much, especially at a funeral. Traditionally we offer the eulogy at the funeral of the diseased to celebrate the life and works of the diseased. It is usually delivered by the close relatives such as daughter, son, and friends.

How to write a eulogy
(06 steps for first time writer)

Here are some practical steps to write your eulogy if you are witting it for the first time in your life. Please note that this represents the most common format of eulogy usually offered in memory of the diseased.

Identification of the diseased
Describing the relationship between you
Disclosing the cause of the death
Deterioration of the health conditions and treatment
Prayers during alarming health condition and the passing away
Describing any sweet memory with you
The extent of loss suffered at the death
Things of inspiration for us (quotes, letters, videos, and writings)
Talking direct & wishing to meet again

Introduction to Writing a eulogy

Remembering the deceased at the funeral services is really one of the good deeds one can perform. This speech has great healing influences on the mental state of the bereaved family members and on the audiences as well. It helps to revisit the life and works of the diseased. The somberness and calmness of the speech facilities the remembrance easier for the relatives and smoothens the hard pain of the family members who are emotionally flimsy. So, the wording of the eulogy must be appealing and soothing for all. Moreover; for getting ideas to design your eulogy, you can have a look at “Fill in the blank obituary templates“.

The thematic questions/quotes/views of life about the disease can arouse the attention of the audiences:

“Whosoever disagrees on the intellectual supremacy of Alfred? A true benefactor of humanity…..
“Who was Jack?” A teacher of foreign language, A brother full of affection and a responsible husband…..
“Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought. Percy Bysshe Shelley” The most uttered quotes by Alan…..

How to start a eulogy

It is better to introduce yourself first and then to start your good eulogies with sweet memories of the person passed away. Most of the audiences may not be familiar with you and the relationship you have with diseased. Therefore; it is wise to start a eulogy with the identification of the persons. This helps to make the audiences understand the use of words in this funeral speech.

Preparing for deliberation of the eulogy is must particularly if you are doing the job for the first time. For better delivery, you have to practice on your own. Above all your eulogy must also be restricted to 7 to 10 minutes for having the rapt attention of the audiences. Attention can is the difference between a strong and a weak communicator.

During the speech, you have to take care of the following points:

Speaking slowly but clearly
Maintaining necessary pause
Varying your cadence
Using the power of eye contact
Showing greatest love for the diseased
Telling stories of the diseased


Best eulogy sample for a mother
I love the lady more of her contribution to my life as a teacher at the Grammar School where he was the head mistress. The treatment I received at my home was no more or less than those we got at the school like all of her students. The smiling face was an unending pleasure for all of us. Her talking and teaching mingled. So, it was difficult for us to differentiate whether she was teaching from the text book chapter or talking of her own to teach us a good lesson. This was a unique quality she used to processes. This also makes the lesson interesting for the students. It was only she who has successfully made our lesson interesting and amusing.

In our home, the room she used to reside was a bit small than those of our other rooms. There were three paintings of the past emperors of the world who was famous for their justice and righteousness. Once I asked Mom about the significance of those paintings. She replied to me that it is justice that can bring peace in the world. Moreover; she used to quote “Justice delayed, justice denied”.

Above all, her passing away has caused a deep shock inside my mind. I feel the world is about to meet its dooms day for paving my way for meeting my Mom in our living in the dreamland with the mercy of our Creator.

Best eulogy sample for a father
I know this eulogy may reach the departed souls of my father or not. He deserves to be in the middle of the blessed palace of the heaven. We have lost him years back during his service in the holy city where he used to serve in the different capacity for a longer duration of 17 years or so. We missed him a lot during his lifetime and similarly we do the same today as well. His face was fully of smile and optimistic talks for all who came to visit him. In most of the time he quotes from the divine scriptures. It was his habit to read at least two to twenty pages of books from his personal collection. We got enlightened at his way of thinking the world around and the life hereafter.

His attempts to raise our education as well as moral standard were huge and far-reaching as he plans for decades. However; his sudden departure from us was a shocking and painful for our family. During the early days of his absence we thought that we would not be able to lead the normal life due to the imprints he left over our hearts. But with the mercy of our creator we reverted to normal living.

Few months after his demise, we found some of his own hand-written manuscripts for a book entitled “The Complete Code of Life in the light of Divine Scriptures”. I personally went through the entire books and arranged to publish ten thousand copies which got enormous recognition from the peer group. In fine we would like to state that our hearts are in deep draught to meet him again in the life hereafter with the mercy of the Lord.

Best eulogy sample for a grandmother
Her memory will remain vivid in our minds for ever as she contributed so deep in construction of our life, mostly in the intellectual developments. We wish we would be united very shortly in the paradise. May our Lard bless her loving soul.

Sample eulogy for a sister
As a sister, we would really be missing in our living as she had fulfilled the lack of motherhood after the early passing of our mother. She looked after my father, and also got update about our daily activities at the business. In a word, she was our only inspiration to live. For this reason; we are about to lose hope to look forward. Still we hope and pray to the Almighty to bestow her kind sole the endless blessing at the paradise.

Sample eulogy for a brother
The utmost sadness is around us on loss of my brother in the last month. This speech is for his immoral memories with an eye to reducing our burden of loss of such a figure at his early days of his life. The extent of loss we have suffered from his departure is not at all fathomable. We pray to the Lord for arranging our meeting with his virtuous soul in the hereafter.

Sample Eulogy for a husband
I found him to be a man of supreme human quality and more than a husband. He was a loving husband for me and an affectionate father for my children. Under his love and passion we are living in the paradise of our own. However; his sudden demise has made me speechless. And with this eulogy I would like to out sort of unbearable sadness. With this my prayers are for his success in the world hereafter with the unique blessing of our Lord.

Example of eulogy for a wife
Delivering this speech is difficult for me as I am in deep sadness due to her loss from my life. She was part and parcel of my life. From day of my wedding I always found her smiling which was inspiring for me and our family members. She never lost hope of any mis-happening in our life. Shall we meet her again in the heaven with the mercy of the Lard? Please pray for peace and prosperity in the life hereafter.

Example of eulogy for a friend
Not all friends’ demises impact our living equally. It is Jack who has been influencing our day living at his absence. He was deeply associated with my life from the first day of his introduction to me at the campus of University College of London. Today at this gathering we pray for his success in the afterworld.

Example of eulogy for a cousin
Our loss of Cousin Mr. Alfred was shocking for our entire family. His passion for our family was never ending. We missed him at each and every happening in our daily living. Our prayers and thoughts are for the salvation of his sole in the fairyland.

Funny sample eulogy
My friend Mr. Alan was a great source of laughing in our bicycle club. His way of making fun of each and every happening of our riding days was astounding. At his passing we have lost our hope of better living. Definitely we will miss him a lot until the end of our living in the universe. Moreover; we would be glad to meet him again in the dreamland.

Humorous eulogy examples
Loss of such a man is not loss at all as he is meeting me every time we recall him. Still we pray to our creator to make him blessed in the paradise with friends there. Still we hope our creator would provide him once again in our life in the dreamland.

Eulogies for a pet
The loss of our pet has made us saddened more than we imagined during its living with our family. It has become a family member with its dedication and devotion for all of our family members. When it first got cold two months ago, we hurriedly took it to the hospital for its treatment but there it felt lonely as we were unable to stay with our pet. Then we decided to push its injection in the home with my own hand and we found it was getting better day by day from our treatment. But suddenly last night it left us forever. We hope our Lord would help us regain her in the afterworld as one of our family members.

Eulogy Quotes
Let’s see some quotes about eulogy

“The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.”– Mark Twain

“What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.” Aristotle

Immortality: a fate worse than death.Edgar Shoaff

Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it. Helen Keller

“His life was gentle; and the elements; So mixed in him, that Nature might stand up and say to all the world, THIS WAS A MAN!” ― William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

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