My Sincere Condolences messages for friends

My Sincere Condolences to you

Human being possesses some unique qualities among the creation of the Almighty Lord. We feel sad at the passing away of our nearest and dearest one. As a moral obligation, I personally offer my sincere condolences to our bereaved friends and their family with an eye to relieve their sufferings.

In the hard days, our few words can be a great healing hand to our relatives who are mourning the death of either a family member or a beloved one. Here you have some of “My sincere condolences messages” to copy in your sympathy cards or messages to share.

  • I’m very sorry for your loss we know that you are in mental stress if there is anything we can do for you please let us know.
  • Death is not remote things in human life every man has to experience death but you should not feel that much sorrowful because a living person like us must follow the diseased. If you need anything please let me know.
  • Someone said that death is not at all termination. It must pave way for smoother living i.e. living in the heart of the people with a good deed. Your father now might be living in the heart of the people, and of course, in the paradise.
  • So long as he lived with us, people did pay him due to respects and still recall his contribution for us. His passing away is a great loss.
  • As long as the sum would be giving light to the universe, your father will be remembered. He might be living in the heaven. About all; we are sincerely sorry for your loss of a father.
  • Today he is not among us. He might be living in the paradise with angels. We pray for a better place there as well.
  • Do not cry do not feel sad everybody has to die there is no deviation from this consecutive mess. We pray for the departed soul please accept our sincere condolences.
  • Passing away is an everyday affair of human life. Should we not be obliged to the divine rule? Today or tomorrow I myself will not among the living. However; we pray for peace for the deceased. Please accept our sincere condolences.
  • Dear friend the time you’re passing now is the very difficult time we know. None can escape from death since it is a divine order you are in our prayers. Be keep patience and we pray for your easy recuperation from this loss.

My most sincere condolences for your loss

In the need of your friends and relatives, your offering of the deep sympathies is a great job. Let’s see some of the heart-touching sympathy messages for your ease of drafting your personalized condolences.

  • If someone of affection passes on, our mind should not be broken because birth and death are the opening and ending of human life. In between, we are the travelers. Hope your kind appreciations of this realism. Please accept my sincere Sympathies.
  • In our journey, we sometimes face harsh time for the passing on of our close one. We have to be patient and sober at this point of life. Our creator will reward for sobriety. My sincere condolences.
  • It is well-known to us that your beloved mother is an optimism tree for your family. A good part of her kissing the dust is that she will be residing amongst the angels. Our sincere Sympathies.
  • I am sorry for your loss of a mother. At her journey to heaven is both a great loss and a great joy for you all. The great loss is that she is no more among us while great joy is that she will soon have the paradise. My deepest and sincerest condolences.
  • We cannot avoid the realities of losing our dearest person. Our creator decides and we abide by. We pray for the perished peace and welfare in the life hereafter. My deepest sympathies at your loss of a husband.
  • His superiors are as always encouraging for the people. We owe a lot to him. With love and remembrance, his memories will remain in our prayers in our heart please accept our condolences.
  • The premature death surprising to all the people. He was a shadow for the people we pray for his peace in the life hereafter. Please accept my condolences.
  • We are very sorry for the untimely leaving of the world. It is true that this is an unrecoverable beating for your family. Yet you have to keep patience since it is the order of our Creator. You are not alone at all. You have all the sympathies.
  • It is the natural phenomenon which cannot be avoided. Our souls have promised to our Creator to return to him anytime He prefers. A human being has no alternative to this. So, we, the surviving members, have to patience and pray for the departed souls. Please receive our heartiest condolences.
  • I’m sorry for your loss of a father. We should be satisfied with what has been decided by our Creator. I myself am not outside this natural phenomenon. Please keep patience at this hard time. You all have our sympathies.
  • I still recall the smiling face of your husband. He was seriously attentive to us despite his all-time business. Actually, he managed to manage all unwelcome situations of life with incomparable adroitness. He was our pioneer and mentor. Now we pray to the Lord for keeping his soul in peace.
  • Your father was a man of sacrifice, not of consumption. Everybody was fond of his companionship. Let’s pray for his peace and magnificence in the life hereafter.
  • We never thought that a man of his type would soon leave us alone in this world. This is almost impossible for us to think moments without his presence. We don’t know what is becoming him. May our Creator keep his souls in the best place of the heaven.
  • We were extempore to receive the news of your father’s passing away. This has made us extremely sad. We pray to our Creator for his peace in the life ahead. At the same time, we hope you would be living with his good and encouraging memories.
  • I’m sorry for your loss. Never feel so sad since his souls might be flying in the heaven with angels. Just attempt to do what he likes and dreams. Our condolences are with you.

My sincere condolences to you and your family

• We know your mom was a source of inspiration for the family. Her going to the west is certainly an unrecoverable loss. Nonetheless; you should appreciate that breathing the last breath is pre-destined by our creator. My sincere condolences are here for your family.

• Every day many circumstances we face in our way of living. Some make us laugh and some sad. This is what life is. We cannot help living with all these including passing on of our beloved. We pray for your patience and strength to cope up with these hard days. My sincere condolences are for you and your family.

• Passing away is an open secret. We still feel sorry for our dear. But we should be thinking of a good time for meeting with our creator. It is not living but death, which can open the pathways. Our sincerest condolences are to you and your family.

• Through death, people has to travel a long way to the heaven, which is last resort. Your father has reached the world’s owner. Please accept my sincere condolences to you and your family.

• Whenever we have heard the news of the demise of her father, we felt so sorry. Dear friend, never feel sad and you can ask us any help you need anytime you prefer. My sincere condolences to you and your family.

• The news of your father’s death has made us very sad will keep him in our prayers and heart you’ll be missed a lot. Please accept my sincerest sympathies.

• Man of his quality is nowadays rare in the society. He was a man of Quality. We are really indebted to him. How sad the feeling is! It is not sufficient to show proper tribute to him as he’s beyond our understanding. Please accept our earnest condolences for your family members.

  • Yes sorry for the loss of your father he was a man of reformation and the restoration people of this locality will not forget his contribution to the nation how about please accept our deepest condolences for you and your family.
  • The Immortal imprint your father has left for the nation will remain will remain fresh in the hearts of the people we are very sad at his passing away. Please accept our deepest condolences for your family your father was a symbol of hard work and sacrifice he was capable enough to win the heart of the people through his contribution to the society he would be missing a lot.
  • How sad we feel at the news of your father’s death cannot be expressed here he was the guardian not only for the family but also for our nation his death has brought a lot of discomfort for the nation as a whole your family will have all the condolences from us. Please accept my My sincere condolences.
  • Departure from this material world is common to every creature of the world. We all have to taste the death as declared by our Creator. Nevertheless; the sudden passing away of your father is a great loss for your family, we know. Please ask us for any sort of help anytime you wish.
  • Please accept our heartiest condolences to you and your family. Your father was a man of virtue and realism. We pray for his success in the life hereafter as well.
  • I must close the observed your father’s behavior during his lifetime he was a man of all mobile matters faithfulness and honesty and integrity is the root of living. A map of this manner is seen in the world. We pray to the almighty for his peace and prosperity in the life hereafter.
  • We will always remember him with deep love and sympathies, please accept our deepest sympathies and the loss of your father.

With my deep sincere condolences

In the end of my sympathies, you can say your final sympathy words to express the most important compassion to the bereaved. We can say “with my sincere condolences” or “my sincere condolences”. Either expression is acceptable in different circumstances. Moreover; we can mention one or two condolences quotes or poems in our writing. Let’s see some examples condolences:

• It’s time to get rid of sorrow of losing your dearest one because it will make the deceased proud of you all. Dear friend, you are not alone. We pray for you. We share your pain.

• The world is a place of examination where people sit for the exam of virtues, exam of knowledge, exam of the deed, and it is your father who has passed all the exams. As a result, he is at the heart of all peoples though he is no more among us.

We still remember his good memories. Please accept our sincere condolences.

• Every Soul has to taste that death. Your father was no exception. He is a man of struggle and hard-working. He has been living in the inner parts of our mind. Moreover; you have my deepest sympathy for all times.

• Men are born to die and so we should not cry at the passing on of our beloved one. Our souls are promised to return to the Lord when ordered. You have my sympathies.

• Death is common to all if you can show patience at the news of passing away of your dearest one. You’ll be rewarded enough by our creator. We are so sorry for your loss.

• The divine rule is that death to be the ultimate outcome of the life.

• Death is the sign of completion of one’s duty in the world. It will take the departed souls to the meeting of the angels.

• In realism, death is the door to enter the heaven. I do not know any other alternative to reach the heavens, the place of permanent peace.

• Death is the dreams every human has started dreaming since birth. Thus it will fulfill our dreams with the mercy of our Creator.

• Passing away is the truth of truth of our living. We all are going to experience the same truth.

• The final equalizer is death, which

takes everybody closer to themselves, of course in the equal footings. My sincere condolences are with your family.

• The beautification of the earth continues with the death of her dwellers replacing with the new-born.

• Most people fear death, who is actually ends the agonies of life.

• Death is a single small wart quit can be own something in Mortar immortal so that you can become immortal in the results.

• Those who died for the noble cause of the country are immortal your father has experienced such a noble death.

• Every passenger of this boat will complete his or her journey today or tomorrow and meet their creator in the heaven.

• Death is the completion period of life eventually start a new Journey to the heaven so we should do a prayer for the deceased for their peace and prosperity in the Life hereafter.

• What birth of a child tells us that one of his relatives either have already gone to the west or will not be among the living.

• Both birth and death start their path with hardship but the death is a bit joyous in the sense that it paves the ways for meeting with the creator.

• Flowers that start their life knowing that they’ll be here for a shorter period. Still, they are noble. Some people lead even a nobler life by

succumbing to death on completion of the noble deed. And they are the noblest. Our Lord must favor them.

• Death is not a termination of life at least for those who have died for the cause of the nation. This type of death actually gets the strength of several lives in the paradise.

• The relationship between death and life is very simple, that is friendship.

Sincere Condolence for the sudden loss

  • People are feeling sad for your father the most love him they will miss him your father will be our memories evergreen and everlasting. Please accept our deepest condolences.
  • Everybody is fond of your father than the stars of the night sky. He was our pioneer he was a mentor we will keep him in all heart he will reside there internally please accept our sympathies.
  • The man is alive in our hearts with his good memories who can forget him? Who can forget his inspirational speeches? Who can forget his way of living? We pray for the salvation of the Soul May our Lord allow him the blessings in the paradise.
  • We keep him in our mind we will remember him with love please accept our deep condolences.
  • May my words will find you in the difficult time at the loss of your father. From this thousands kilometers distance, I’m keeping you in my prayers and the inner side of my heart.
  • I’m sorry for your loss to let our Lord keep him in the paradise. We will remember him with love and good prayer.
  • This now I can’t express the feelings I got the news of your father dead who’s the person was very encouraging for us we are at a loss of sense our mind and heart I’m quite silent in the memory of his good behavior with us please accept our deepest condolences.
  • I totally can’t believe that he could leave us so earlier than I thought. His departure makes all of us speechless and his good memories will inspire us in the days to come. We pray for your peace and comfort in this tough moment.
  • My sincere condolences are with you and your sister. Believe me, this time of hardship will surely turn to the good days.
  • I’m sorry for your loss of father though he could live in this world for a longer time he successfully left his imprint on our heart. We pray for your recovery from this tough time.
  • I’m really sorry for your loss. Your father tries to make people United. We tried to make him closer to us. Hope you will live the life your father Once Upon a Time dreamed for us.
  • Our sadness has no end at all the news of his father’s death. You spent about twenty-five year of time with him pull out alive I found him excellent and amiable. We pray for the peace of the Departed soul please accept our sympathies.
  • We are sorry for your loss your father was an excellent man. His imagination his inspiration his feelings all inspired us you know. His sleep outside will be an unrecoverable damage not only for your family but also for us. Please accept our earnest condolences.
  • Our sympathies are not enough to express the Gratitude we owe to him. He was our Mentor he was a teacher he was a pioneer we remember him with love and affection may the Lord allow you the comfort in these tough times.
  • We are very much indebted to the man he sacrificed his life for our development no words can express our sadness at his early passing away. We didn’t get the chance to say goodbye to him his soul must reach the paradise with the mercy of the Almighty.
Our sincere condolences for loss
  • Losing out dear person is the oldest pain in the heart we cannot sustain the loss our hearts burn. I’m sorry for your loss, and we have all the sympathies at this happenings.
  • Hope my message I’ll find you in a better mood. Missing someone is difficult to bear with. You will find me anytime you call. I’ll keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.
  • The wounds inside my mind have no ceiling at your loss of your beloved. We will cherish all of his memories for our consolation. You have all of our Sympathies and request you to call me anytime for any circumstance.
  • We are extremely saddened to hear about the departure of Mr. X. It has been a huge loss for our organization. We will never be able to stay well in absence of your beloved husband. Everybody has the Condolences for you and your family. We will be happy to be part of your family for sort of support.
  • I am so sorry for your loss. The man is demure and well-mannered in every respect. He has set an indelible mark in my mind. We pray for his salvation in the afterworld. We offer condolences to you and your family.

Hope the above samples sympathy notes are helpful for your drafting of “My sincere condolences“. You can copy our messages in your condolences and mention a good signature in your messages.

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