How to sign a sympathy card (Protips & Tricks 2021)

Are looking for some ideas for writing the signature in your card? You might be trying to avoid the common signature in your letter. Here you will get some new and cool expression to express you in a bit differently. In order to sympathize your friends due to his or her loss of the dearest one, you might have written some sympathy message for the grieving person you are familiar with.

But another important issue is the form of writing the signature. The signature is basically based on the relationship you have had with the deceased and to whom you are addressing your message. As condolences are for smoothing the mind of the bereaved, we have worked our signature considering the state of their mind.

We carefully avoided the cliché. Unlike other messages or letter, we have here presented some of signing your name. The closing you find in this page can better fit your situation.

The example of signature or closing for sympathy message:

  • My deepest condolences
  • Please accept my heartfelt condolences
  • With deep sympathy
  • With loving mind
  • Alison will be in my heart.
  • His memory will be in the mind forever.
  • All of you are in my thinking.
  • With adoration and remembrance
  • Sent with love
  • Sent with good memories
  • Our sincere condolences
  • Longing to meet you shortly
  • With all of my caring feelings,
  • With my adoring reminiscences,
  • With my care for you,
  • With my deepest sympathy,
  • With my cordial condolences,
  • Our my genuine sympathy,
  • Keeping you, and your kids in my thoughts
  • Keeping you in my hearts,
  • Serenity, Prayers, and Blessings
  • Forgive me kindly
  • Lots of love (lol)
  • With the purest love

List of top 25 Cool Word for your signature:

The following words are pacifying for people of all age. You can make use of these words or phrases either in your message or in your signature.

  • My Love
  • Everyday Thought
  • Thinking of all time
  • Time and again
  • Forever
  • Heart and life
  • Crying Psyche
  • Unforgotten Memories
  • Unending amour
  • Too often
  • Missing always
  • Big hugs
  • Comfort
  • Hugs and kisses

Tips to sign a sympathy card:

The following points you can take into your active consideration when writing your condolences signature.

  • Avoid too formal expression such as ‘Sincerely’
  • The word ‘Warmly’ might also be avoided
  • Another formal expression is ‘Warm regards’
  • You can also avoid the expression ‘kind regards’
  • Never forget to use the name or the surname
  • Never write you message and signature too long
  • Do not miss to mention your name
  • Use religious expression if they are well-known to you
  • The signature needs to be the mature people
  • You can mention more than one names in the message
  • If required, there can be more than one signees (Richard and Austen and family).
  • You can simply write the family name such as ‘The Richard Family’.
  • Even more than one family can sign a sympathy card. It is called the joint signature
  • You are writing a signature on behalf of a group of people; never miss to mention the name of the group.

How do you sign a sympathy card?

The best way to sign your sympathy card is to write it in a simple precise way as shown in the following sympathy sentences and at the end, you can put the closings:

  • We are extremely moved by the loss of a mother.
  • We hereby express our sympathy as well as solidarity with you
  • We humbly recount the motivational talks of your son.
  • Your ache will be translated into energy to lead your life the way your father like.
  • May God bless you and your family on the difficult time
  • My prayers are extended to you on your loss of the husband.
  • We will go on praying for you and family
  • My heart is with your family at this time of sorrow from the loss of a son.
  • May we continue to pray for your peace and comfort
  • I know you’re capable of overcoming this lonely anguish.
  • We gladly stand by your side in your difficult time for loss of a husband.
  • I am deeply saddened by the news of your son’s passing.
  • In the midst of your recovery please accept my sincere condolences
  • I don’t actually have the words to describe how blue I am knowing your loss of the brave son.
  • You are not alone. You have friends and family. We pray for the comfort of the departed souls.
  • May God be with you during this tough time.
  • May God protect your family
  • My wife and I keep you in our prayers as you are in sorrow
  • God bless you the comfort and a sense of hope
  • All the way you will have us on your loss of a father.
  • I am personally very very sorry for your loss and hope things will get normal.
  • We know how much you are in ache.
  • I am sorry for what you guys are going through on the passing of your beloved brother.
  • These hard times will end, please be strong
  • my thoughts are with you.
  • I will be passing my days with your thoughts.
  • We will go on supporting you, starting here.
  • Hope you will shortly get through this hard time.
  • My wow texts are insufficient to describe the sorrow of my mind
  • I am so hurt by your loss of a mother.
  • We send our sympathies and love for your family.
  • I want you to know we are here for you.
  • I am sorry for what you have had to do through
  • Things will get better, slowly but surely. Please accept my condolences

Some closing for your guides:

  • Yours
  • Sincerely yours
  • With loving hearts
  • Your love
  • Hearts and love for you
  • With love and references
  • With references
  • With loving touch
  • With dear feeling
  • With affection
  • With heartfelt condolences
  • With sincere condolences
  • With endless love and love
  • With LOL
  • With sympathy
  • With hearty sympathies
  • With lol sympathy
  • With cordial love
  • With good memories
  • With love of sympathy
  • LOL

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