I am sorry for your loss quotes

The easiest way to express our deep sympathy is to say “I’m sorry for your loss”. This expression may be a small one but has the huge power of pacifying the aching hearts. To show the intimate feeling for someone’s loss of father/mother/husband, we can use this simple expression of condolences.

In the time of mental distress, we expect our nearest and dearest one should be beside us and share our dejection and sorrow. We also want them to offer sincere condolences messages If our close relatives or friends share the anguish we get a bit glow. This is the human tendency.

 sorry for loss


Things not to say in condolences messages

  1. Any cliché pertaining to death
  2. Words making the bereaved members more emotional
  3. Any repeated utterance of the name of the person deceased
  4. Expression of saying some sort of jurisdiction and/or judgment
  5. Any suggestion to feel better on the loss of the family member
  6. Words or phrases of time expression
  7. Any advice about the stress removal
  8. Complaints about the past activities of the deceased
  9. Any words relating to positives side of loss
  10. Arguments in favor of the loss one is suffering from
  11. Any satisfaction saying that the deceased person has lived a long time
  12. Expectations for replacement of the lost person
  13. Any philosophical idea like, “God needed him in heaven.”


The pains suffered from the loss of the beloved one might be going on for years or in some extreme case, it may last for ages. We should be supportive in the expression of the sorrow without the time bar. Frankly speaking, we must pay due respect even in mentioning the name of the deceased. This habit can have a great help in strengthening the relationship with the bereaved person.

Particularly, suppose, we see a bereaved person is a cool and brainy one, we cannot but show our intimate honor for the deceased whenever we mention the name. Above all; our thoughts and good notion about the dead person can have the healing effect for the bereaving relatives in the worlds and these good and high opinion may be granted by our Lord to allow the deceased soul rest in peace in the heaven.

 I am sorry for your loss


Things to Say in our sympathies

  1.  I am sorry for your loss
  2. I’m so sorry for your loss
  3. I am sorry for your loss
  4. You cannot imagine my feeling for your loss
  5. I am speechless in saying what my feeling is about your loss
  6. You will be kept in our thoughts and prayers
  7. Your family members are in our thoughts and prayers
  8. I have no words to offer to you as condolences
  9. We are sharing your anguish and sorrow
  10. Her memory is as vivid as the sun in our hearts


I am sorry for your loss quotes messages

 Here are the best sorry for your loss quotes for using in your heartfelt condolences messages:

  • The shock we have from the news of your father’s departure is incurable. I am sorry for your loss.
  • Our sadness is getting deeper day after day on knowing your loss of the mother. It seems permanent.
  • God pours life into death and death into life, and in this transition, not a single drop is spilled.
  • My great teacher has been the sorrow I get from the departure of my grandmother. It turns to diamond.
  • Where there is sorrow, there is holy ground. We should not lose patience.
  • My heart is blue of your father’s passing. He was a pyrrhic during his lifetime, which is an inspiration for us.
  • I am so sad for your loss of the mother. Above all; passing is a panacea.
  • May our creator bless her departed soul because life hereafter is a moiety.
  • Keeping patience is the wisest at you loss. God has not finished with you yet.
  • Our harsh tears are those that we shed over the graves of our dear one. Most of which are left unsaid.
  • I am red losing my grandmother who was lagniappe from our creator for our family.
  • The gifts your father had brought to our life are never-ending. We will never forget him.


sorry for your loss quotation


  • We are sending our love and cordial condolences to dear Janice. May God bless Cynthia always. Lots of Love”
  • There are our love and condolences to your family. You all deserve all the love in the world right now.
  • In your woebegone days, we are in close affinity with you. We pray for your recuperation at the earliest.
  • May our Lord keep the souls of your husband in the sumptuous heaven.
  • May her deceased soul touch the sempiternal comfort in the Promised Land.
  • Such noble souls deserve to be in the lissome palace of the heaven. Our prayers are with your family.
  • I am sorry for your loss, and this is not the last word from my side. I share all of your detours.
  • At your loss, we all have been shaken with affliction. That’s why it’s a comfort to go hand in hand.
  • On hearing the news of your mother’s passing, my heart has been shattered into million parts. Please accept my sympathies.



  • My redness for your loss is quite ineffable. Here is the bleeding from the heart which is mourning.
  • I will keep your family in my thought and prayers.
  • You are remembered in my prayers to the Lord.
  • All the time I am keeping you in my thought
  • Your time of hardship is of our earnest prayer to our Creator
  • Here is our red feeling for the loss of the sister. With my deep sympathy, Richardson.
  • My sincere condolences go out to your family on the loss of your
  • Our honest condolences are for your loss
  • On your loss of the father, we share the sorrow with our heartfelt condolences
  • I am sorry for your loss of the sister. Please accept my condolences.
  • We are keeping you and your family members in our daily prayers
  • May all comfort and peace surround you at this difficult time
  • May the loving memories are with you to pioneer you in the coming days
  • We pray for your peace and prosperity despite the difficulties you are facing the loss of the father.



  •  We will keep you in our prayers
  • We’re very sad that he has lost his life in the early days of his life.
  • Our condolences are with your family who has lost such a nation builder.
  • Can any word explain the feeling of my heart for the loss of your parents? Certainly not. Actually, my love for him is really in measurable. We will miss him in the coming days.
  • Staying about 1600 kilometers away, you’re always be remembered in our thoughts and prayers.
  • His memories have occupied a greater area of our hearts and will remain forever there.
  • We know it’s difficult for you to lead your life in absence of your father but still, you have kept faith in our Creator has is well aware of your situation. Please keep patience in the rigid time.
  • We pay that waterfall of Garden engulfs you in your difficult days of bereavement. Please accept my condolences.
  • I am so sorry for your loss of the mother. She was a wonderful person -smiling and optimistic.
  • I am sorry for your loss of the husband. We will miss him forever.


sorry for your loss quotes

  • Loss of such a generous friend is never repairable. I am so sorry for your loss.
  • The nation is thankful to your family at which such a brave son was brought up. He was passionate and hedonistic. Please accept our condolences
  • X was a special gift from our Creator not only to your family not to my life. At his passing, we are in deep sorrow.
  • My love and sympathy go out to you and your family on the tough days. We are luckily privileged to have had Mr. X as my blossom buddy.
  • On learning the departure of your brother, my heart’s aching torturously. Please accept my sympathy.
  • I am so sorry for your loss of such a good buddy. My eyes are unable to shed tears as it seems it has lost its natural power being so red.
  • I am now blue for our blossom friend perished leaving us in life-long affliction. My heartfelt Sympathies are for the bereaved family.


i am so sorry for your loss quotes


  • I am totally saddened at this sorrowful departure of Mr. X. Please accept my honest sympathy.
  • Your son has left an indelible mark on thousands of minds. His works will immortalize him. Yet, I am so sorry for the loss of such man.
  • Please accept my sympathy for your loss of the brother. He was compassionate and helpful for all. May his soul rest in peace in the heavens.
  • My sorrow is teaching me one way to see the new world anew. The way is to forget the past regretful memories.
  • Who never ate his bread in sorrow will not be able to have the real test of life. On your sad days, I am so sad for your loss.
  • He was such an amiable person that his memory is still in my hearts with vividness. The person was really well mannered that’s why he has left a catchy memory in our heart.
  • We have a memory of Mr. Richard for years to come as he has left a catchy memory through his creative activities.
  • We are sorry for your loss. At your difficult time, we here extend our utmost sympathy for the bereaving family.
  • My heart’s shedding tears on knowing the blessed departure of your beloved mother.

 I am sorry for your loss


  • On your loss of the mother, our suffering is becoming permanent and obscure. Please be heard that I am very sorry for this loss.
  • The gloomy days are prevailing over the hearts of the family. I here put forward my condolences.
  • On your loss of the father, the Master made an offer of sympathy to your family.
  • The Prime Minister offers his condolences to you and your family. His Excellency recalls the good memories of Mr. Richard.
  • We are so sorry for your loss. Our leader has put forward his sincere condolences to you and the bereaved family.
  • My heart is seriously wounded to know your loss of the father. I here put our condolences to you and your family.
  • I am really red at your loss. Please find our sincere condolences to the family.
  • Like the leaves of winter, my heart has gotten very blue at your loss of the mother. I’m so red now.
  • My tongue is silent and mourning your loss of the husband. I am so saddened that I cannot even talk anymore.


sorry loss quotes

  • The numbness of the hearts is getting worse on hearing your loss of the brother. He was a well-mannered person in this locality. People of our time have luckily met him.
  • This sympathy with flowers is for you on my part. Please accept it cordially.
  • On the expiry of your mother, we here place our profound condolences for your family.
  • For all of us, the loss of beloved one is a wound that bleeds always. Here kindly accept my sincere sympathies.
  • So sorry am I for your loss. My love and prayers are with you at these painful days.
  • I am so deeply sad for your loss. If and when any hand but that of love, touches it, and even then it must bleed again, though not in pain.


Definition of “I am Sorry”

According to the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, the word ‘sorry’ has the different meaning in sympathies or condolences. Meaning is to feel pity or sympathy for someone because something bad has happened to them and because they are in a bad situation.

Examples include:

I’m sorry for you

I feel sorry for your loss

I feel sorry for his wife’s passing

My heart feels sore for you.

My heart is sorry.

I am sorry.

Usages of “I am sorry” in condolences messages

We cannot use “I am sorry” with the intended meaning of showing sympathy for someone who is ill/sick. So, the expression must be used in offering sympathy sentiments or condolences. Our linguistics theory tells that the expression of “I am sorry for loss” has been replaced by deep sympathy. The former is an American import with the meaning of “It causes me sorrow to have heard of/to know of your loss”.


Response when someone says “I’m sorry for your loss”

During our hard days of losing someone nearest and dearest, our friends and relatives offer us some words of condolences. It’s pretty common to hear the expression “I’m sorry for your loss” and it would more be wise of us to aptly respond to this consolation. In responding we can use more than 15 expressions of thank you, I mean, in the response of their sympathies.

Let’s see the response expressions of “thank you” in response to condolences by saying I’m sorry for your loss:

1. “Kindness”
2. “Thank you”
3. “Thanks”
4. “Thank you for coming”
5. “Thanks for your sympathy”
6. “Thanks for your kind words”
7. “Thank you for your condolences”
8. “Thank you for your support and care”
9. “Thank you very much. It’s been difficult.”
10. “Thank you for being there at my tough times”
11. “Thank you, I understand your concern”
12. “Thank you; I am, too. Luckily, death merely ends a life, not a relationship, so I’ll be okay eventually.”
13. “I appreciate that…”
14. “I’ll overcome this very soon”
15. “Your positive gesture is highly appreciated”


Thank You expression Usually Not Used in Response to Sympathies

Besides, there are expressions of thanks in response to “I am so sorry” as mentioned above. Most of which are used in the different circumstances, not in sympathies. It is a matter of facts that we can say “thank you” in hundreds of ways.


Let’s see some examples expression of “Thanks” in English:

1. Don’t worry about it.

2. Don’t sweat.

3. Not a big deal.

4. Don’t be.

5. “So am I.”

6. “It’s OK”

7. It’s okay.

8. ‘It’s ok, I’ll have you beaten later’

9. “It’s OK this time, but let’s not let it happen again”

10. “It’s alright – this one is half off, right?”

11. “Please, let’s not let this happen again.”

12. “Don’t worry about it”

13. “Please, let’s not let this happen again.”

14. “No worries”

15. “It’s fine”

16. “It’s alright”

17. “No problem” or just smile.

18. “Please don’t worry about it in the slightest.”

19. “Don’t give it another thought.”

20. “That’s very kind of you, but an apology is not necessary.”

21. “No actually, I like having my toe stepped on. Please do it again.” (OK, maybe not this.)


I am sorry for your loss of the husband


I am sorry for your loss poems

 To express our deeper side of the mind, we can base on Poetry. Here are the short poems on sorry for your loss.  There were in open verse format.

sorry for loss poems

Loss Poem-01

Who have never seen the great loss

He might be a mess for always.

I like weeping and waiting for the morrow.

Who has not yet felt the heavenly powers?

He might be an ever-caring person with tiny creativity.


Loss Poem-02

Rain, unlike plain water everybody.

Pains, unlike rain, torture me and thee.

Vein of my body will be hidden

On your loss, hearts will be saddened.

Arguably there are so many ways to express our actual sorrowfulness for the loss of our friends or relatives. One thing we should keep in mind that our words of condolences are for the appeasement of the sorrow. That’s why; we must not say such types of words which might hurt the bereavement family. Moreover; we offer good obituary and eulogy to the passing person.  In the ensuing paragraph, we will see some examples of sentences of which our sympathy notes must be devoid.

Hope you have found our “Sorry for your loss quotes” helpful for drafting of your condolences messages to offer to the suffering family. Moreover; this messages can also be used in the eulogy.