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Sympathy Card Message for friends

As you are on this page, you might be looking for sympathy card message. Okay, you are in the right place. In this article, we have shown the different constituents of the card message followed by the best sympathy card message. If you go through the sample card message, hopefully, you would be able to draft your own message with success. 

As always I love to do something different for my friends’ encouragement. When I first came to know about the passing of my friend’s mother, I decide to offer condolences to his family.

 Offering condolences is easier than ever, at the least in the age of the internet. Due to the depth of the relationship I love to send some condolences messages.  Words can be put into email or letter.

Sometimes I like to use sympathy card message but I hate to use the store produced cards to share with my friends in his difficult time. Instead, I like to prefer writing down a sympathy message for him.

In this regard, it is fair to make my message as simple as possible. I never use some messages that are static, poetic and complicated because it is known to me that my readers may not prepared to read a complicated message as are you not.

The poetic messages can be entertained by the people who are suffering mental ache. Therefore I have to keep my message as simple as possible.


What is the most important in sympathy card messages?

It is better to mention past memories of the deceased person. Most of the times I want to insert some happy memories of the lost person and additionally, I can include some positive influences the person has had on us.

My prime aim centers around the quality of the messages i.e. the diction of the message. My message should be encouraging and relieving to them and my expression should be with the proper understanding of their state of mind.


Contents of Sympathy Card Message

There is few constituent parts of the Sympathy Card Message. These are vital parts to compose a good and appealing card message. So, have a brief idea of the various parts.

  • Expressing your current feeling after hearing the death news
  • Depicting your past memories with the deceased (If any)
  • Valuation of the existing intimacy with the deceased
  • Prayers for the deceased
  • Offering support for suffers from loss

Hope by now you are clear about contents of the Sympathy Card Message.


Loss of the mother

In this paragraph, you will find some sample sympathy card message for loss of a mother. You can choose anyone you think fit your circumstances of the loss and the addressee of your message.

  • I am truly sorry for your loss of your mother. We will certainly miss her. Our sympathies are with your family.
  • No utterance can say my sadness for her death. Let’s pray to the Almighty for her peace in the life hereafter. My sympathy is for you for all time.
  • Directly in the Garden of Eden might she be placed, so you should not be melancholic at all because she was a woman of integrity and honesty. Her soul really deserves the favor of the Lord. Now my condolence is for you, my dear friend.



Loss of the father

  • On hearing of your loss of the father, I got fully disheartened. My affection and devotion for her were everlasting since she was an inspiration for us. Please accept condolences are to the bereaved members of your family.
  • My melancholy at your loss of the father is beyond your imagination. As a symbol of excellence, it is likely that Our Lord would keep his soul in Eden, and also would allow him to pray for your betterment in both worlds. May the Lord strengthen you to pass this hard time with patience.
  • The difficulties you are currently facing at the passing away of your father is not permanent at all. Hope you would be healed very soon. My sincere condolence is for you at this moment.
  • Sorry for the loss of your beloved father. Every hard time has its own positive equivalent at the end of the day. Remember that in the bad weather, the sum is laughing above the cloudy sky. May the Almighty empower you to patiently pass these days.


Loss of the friend

  • At the loss of your friend, we know, you are in deep sadness. I even know no words of mine would be able to pacify you. Still, I have that great expectation of your recovery from this loss. My sympathies are for you, dear friend.
  • Extremely sorry for your loss are we at knowing the death of your friend. None can make his return in this world. Let’s pray for the peace of his departed soul. May the Lord keep him in peace. My sympathy is for you, my good friend.
  • I am extremely sorry for your loss of the friend. Though he may not return in the world, his memory will remain fresh in our hearts. May the Lord comfort his deceased soul.
  • I know no words can fulfill the gap so created by the demise of your best friend. Yet you should not be sad and be optimistic of his peace and prosperity in the life hereafter.  Our deepest condolences go to you, my friend.
  • I am sorry for your loss. Now it is time to keep patience and not to worry about the loss. May our prayers to the Lord pacify your feeling of loss. The good condolences are for you, dear.
  • My sorrow is deep and sincere at the death of your friend. Let us pray for the departed soul to the Almighty Lord. My heartfelt words of sympathies are for you, my dear friend.

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