Sympathy Card Wording Examples & Ideas

Sympathy Card Wording Examples

Whether in cards, message or emails, we express our sympathies in the text, which consists of words or sentences. The wording in our sympathy card carry weight a lot because it is our words that will show condolences. Therefore; we always are cautious of using particular words or phrases in our sympathy cards.

Examples for sympathy card wordings

We aim to choose the word not only for expressing our sympathies but also for exhorting for future days. In the ensuing paragraph, we have sympathy card wordings or examples of wording for your cards on the loss of sister/son/mother/father:

  • May his memory enkindle you to excel in the coming days with new energies.


  • We wish your patience and steadiness to absorb these temporary sores of life. Wishes are for your recovery.


  • I am really sorry for your unrecoverable loss; however, I pray to the Lord for giving you strength and stamina.


  • All of has to face such type of hard times in life. Let our heart not be smashed. We should take it with ease, and start rethinking with her remembrance.


  • We are part of your loss. You are not alone. We are sharing your suffering to lighten your burden a bit.


  • We are very sorry for your loss. This time I think you’ll be able to recover within the shortest possible time. Our deepest condolences go to you and your family members.


  • Your father was a person of honor and dignity he was an asset of the Nation. His death is great for your family. Our hope his soul may rest in the heaven. Our deepest condolences to you and your family members.


  • We feel very sad at his premature death. We cherish his memory in our hearts. It is a fact that we will no more see him through eyes in this material world; but, it is true that we will see him in the Good Deeds he left behind. I want to express my deepest condolences to you.


  • So long as the sun and the moon will give light to the world, his memory will remain fresh in the heart. He sacrificed his life for the community. His good deeds will inspire and motivate the future generation. I’m fine really sorry for your loss.


  • Believe me. Great Souls never die. They live among us through their contribution as well as good nature.T hey have won the people mind. Thus they are living.


  • I know no words of mine can console your heart but I want to be on your side with this sympathy card. Please never lose hope we are with you as always.

  • We are very sorry for your loss of the mother. Her souls by this time might be in the acme of the paradise. We will be in your close touch.
  • What a sad story it is for me as well! We will keep you in my everyday prayers. Please be strong in this difficult time.
  • It is known that such good souls must reside among the angels in the promised land. We are really really sorry for your loss of the mother.
  • I am personally shocked at your loss of the mother. I want you to know that you are being in our prayers and thoughts.
  • My wow words are not as weighty as my sadness inside mind on knowing your loss of the mother. Please call us anytime for any purpose. We will be happy to be with you.
  • Mother is a heart of a family. So, we feel the sadness prevailing inside you. I am personally sorry for your loss.



  • I am very much sorry for your loss of the father. In the difficult time of your life, please accept our condolences.
  • What a shock it was for me to hear about the loss of your father!  Really he is the man who always encourages others. We will miss such a great person all the time all the time.
  • What a great person we have lost may not be understood by our future generation. But we will always feel the suffocating shortage of such brave souls. Please accept our lovely condolences.
  • Your father did a great job for our national interest. He was one of the bravest martyrs who has sacrificed his life for the welfare of the land. In the history, his name will be well-written and will inspiration for all the generation to come. We here offer our sympathies to your family.
  • We are very much upset to learn about your father’s his death. We know it better hat the period you are currently passing is actually full of sorrow and stress but you are not alone we are with you. Please call us for all necessities.
  • On the departure of your father we, the whole nation, are mourning for him. We here would like to want to express our deepest condolences to you and the entire family members. The nation will always recount his contribution to our country. In his career, he was so successful that his life and career has become an example for the future generation.
  • Our mind is in deep sadness on learning her death. Actually, we can’t believe that such as the good woman can live for a while among us. Your mother was so successful a lady who led her life in the befitting manners. Above all, she has become a model for our society.
  • I am in intense sores on hearing your father’s passing away. In his lifetime none has exceeded in terms of social services. You should feel proud of him since he has been capable of leading a life of realism. This paves the way for success for others as well. Here we offer our cordial condolences to your family.

So, dear readers, we hope on reading our article “Sympathy Card Wording “now have some ideas to put on your sympathy cards. It’s your turn to write. Thanks.

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  1. It is the patience that can guard us against pain of loss because we would not regain the lost one under any circumstance. So, for our betterment, we cannot help having patience at the loss.

    • Hi! Roger,

      It is nice to hear from you.

      Your are right enough that we all should have patience to win.


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