Sympathy notes for loss of your friends

Sympathy Notes for Loss

Dear readers, it is known to all of us that human being is mortal. Our friends and family suffer from tough anguish and sore at the death of the nearest and dearest one. And at this time we should extend our hand to them with a view to consoling their mind. In this regard bereavement notes of sympathy can be a huge favorable thing for the bereaved family.

How to Write a Sympathy Note

A note of sympathy having few words can have a cooling effect on the mind of the bereaved. In this page, we will present the best sympathy notes for loss of husband/daughter/son for your ease of reference. You can use them directly in your outspoken sympathy messages with some modification.

In order to write a sympathy note, the following points should be taken into active consideration:

  • The note should be brief enough
  • Name of deceased can mention
  • Precision is critical to a condolences note
  • Addressing must be appropriate
  • Signature is vital for a good note
  • True Sympathy Card Wording must be encouraging and appealing enough
  • Avoiding using the word ‘dead and died’.

Sample Sympathy Notes for Sharing

We have presented best examples of condolences notes for your use in the sympathy card. You have to include the name of the deceased and the viewers of the note. We have categories our sample into four broad headings:

Sympathy notes for loss of husband:

  • As a man of inspiration, every morning we used to see the smiling face of your husband, you know it well. And from today onward we will fail to see him due to his obedience to the Lord’s order. How discomforting! The situation is for us and yes, for all of us. We can’t sustain it at all. Dear friend, we are sorry for your loss of the husband.
  • Departure from the world is the ultimate discovery of life. It does actually imperfect our life. This completes our doings in the world. It essentially makes us living again forever through our deeds because the human body is capable of living for the time immemorial. So, we should not fear the death of our beloved. Rather we should embrace the naked truth of life, Above all; it is the order word of the Lord. I am really sad at your loss of the husband.
  • It is natural for men and women as we were sent to the world with limited as well as definite time. Within these, we are committed to perform good deeds and ultimately return to the Lord at his orders. It is the order of the Lord so we cannot disobey his order. We must succumb to death; so, the living person like you should not feel sad at the departure of your husband since his sweet memories would stimulate you to live for completing his dream in the world. Moreover; we must immediately be meeting again with the diseased in the life hereafter.
  • We can feel that how difficult the situation is for you by losing your husband but we hope that the good memories will be cheering enough for your living.
  • All of us know everybody has to face these types of days in their life you’re no exception to but we are sharing your sorrowfulness and torment of mind so that you can live in peace with us and with the good memories of your husband.
  • We are really sorry for your loss of pet we pray to the Almighty for your peace and prosperity and at the same time we hope that the Departed Souls of your husband would be residing with peace in the paradise

Sympathy notes for loss of a son:

Some people can win the death as they have won the hearts of others at which the deceased will reside through good memories. They are great. And you son has succumbed to divinity. He might have won the Lord. You should feel proud of him as a mother as you will also be among the winners. Most will remember him for his innocence in their thought with dedication.

  • Men are born to die it’s known to all. Your son has just completed one great step of this life through meeting with our Lord. Thus, his short life is a Good Life, a successful life. No doubt, we’ll be meeting him shortly with the divine favor order, and we will keep him in our prayers.
  • Wishing you the same level of vigor and clout in the coming days, and I hope that you will face the challenges ahead with the lovable recollections of your son
  • Never lose hope and always cherish the cute memories of your son this will encourage you to live with content in the time to arrive
  • Your son was an idol to you and to the greater family. As a surviving person of the idol, you should take more part of the local activities to pass time with satisfaction. You should as always guide people in their distress with memories of your beloved son. However; we hope you are recovering from the loss of your son.
  • May the good talking and reminiscences of your loving son relieve you from the sores and anguish of his loss and at the same time, these will encourage you to be in this world in the days to come with a brave outlook.
sympathy note for loss of child

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Sympathy notes for loss of the child:

  • The child is a toy for the parents. As a mother, you should feel sad a lot is known to all. But you should feel happy at the thinking that you child has just obeyed the order of the Lord by succumbing to nature. People say that you will be rewarded massively from the Lord as you has completed in the most successful manner all of the work as a mother. I mean the patience you are showing at the departure of the child. We should be following your footsteps. So, you should not feel anymore. We are sharing your sorrow.
  • We are sorry for your loss of the child. It may be tough for you’re to pass the days without the child. The child has left you physically and giving you its memories. You should cherish its memories in your thought and prayers. Provided you should patience, you will be honored. It is sure that child will visit you in your dread to allow you its divine peace. Hope your early recovery from this unbearable mourning.
  • It will never be possible for you to forget the sweet voice of your child and its memories are an unending inspiration for you and your husband. His innocence is examples for those who aspire to act. We are sorry for your loss of the child.
  • The blessing you have lost recently will bring you more peace and prosperity if you remain satisfied with the decision of the Creator.
  • The baby which dies at an earlier age will wait for the parents at the door of the paradise. Please accept my heartfelt condolences.
  • I am sorry for your loss of the newly-born baby. Hope our Lord allows to keep patience in the hard times.

Sympathy notes for loss of the pet:

  • Pet is, no more, a separate stuff in the family, we know. We are sorry for you loss of the pet, you loved a lot. Nevertheless; it is your duty to have patience at the loss. You should be feeling better with the good memories of the pet and certainly, you will be meeting it in the Life hereafter.
  • At the news of your pet loss, we were in sorrow because we know how much passion you have for your pet. We know the pet’s performance in your family is immense. But it has departed with the divine order. You should feel better with this message that you will be able to regain it in the life hereafter.
  • We are sorry for your loss of the beloved pet. We know it was an inspiration for you all day long. You took selfies with it and go outside with it. It was a part and parcel of your loss. In spite of these, we all should realize that death of the animal is common in nature. We should be satisfied with what is destined from our Lord.
  • Your pet was more than a partner of your everyday living. SO, its loss must be agonizing for you. It is the nature which is defined the death and life. We all should be missing your beloved pet.
Condolences Notes for Loss of a sister

Condolences Notes for Loss of a Sister

Here you will get some common condolences notes this will facilitate your writing of a sympathy card.

  • May the Lord allow you the strength to move ahead
  • May the memories of Mr. Alex give you the power and the strength to live with peace
  • Wishing your mental strength and peace so that you can live with the sweet memories of your husband
  • We will always miss you husband we will always remember him for his good activities for the country May his departed soul rest in peace.
  • Please do not feel alone we are sharing your heart and sores due to this loss we will be doing the same in the days ahead for you.
  • People will remember him for his priceless constructive activities for us, and we pray to the Lord that his sweet and unforgettable moments encourage you in your hard times.
  • We hope his charming reminiscences and love for you will encourage you to do better even in his absence. Really he will be missed a lot.
  • You must believe that his memories will be fresh and alive in our heart. All of these will immortalize him. Wishing his easing salvation in the Life hereafter.
  • Believe me, I am keeping him in my prayers every day because I can’t forget his memories for a single second.

Hope you have found our genuine condolences note helpful, please share your notes in the comment box.

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