Sympathy Sentiments for Your Greeting Cards

The human being actually extends support to our friends and the familiar person who has suffered a loss of father/mother/husband. In the initial stages of expressing our association, we send our condolences to them. Condolences are the concise sympathy messages usually offered to the bereaved family.

Like all the elements of good condolences messages, adding a sentiment is necessary since this can make your condolences card a complete one. In this page, we have presented some sample sympathy card sentiments to sign a card or letter.

Your sentiment for the cards matters a lot. This must be pacifying for the bereaved family members. In no way, your personal sentiments should wound the mourning person.

The personal sentiment of Sympathies can include any previous interaction with person deceased. You can mention a past memory and excerpt of the last discussion.  This can add a personal touch to your sentiment of sympathy.

Sympathy Greeting Cards



200 Sympathy sentiments for using in the cards

  • May our feelings for the deceased help bring you peace as we all remember his dreams and experiences with us.
  • In our coming life in the next world, we will also find him as our close intimacy. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
  • In realism, we will never lose him from our thought as he was imprinted on our psyche and heaths.
  • He has been a deep part of our life here. We will feel the same forever despite his passing away.
  • His amiability has pervaded not only our personal life but also our office life. We will miss him in our office as well.
  • To me, he was a man of the art of business. His guidance and footsteps will always show us the right path in the corporate career. We will miss his seriously.
  • The successful leading of the company has been done by Mr. X. His unusual talents and skills have brought us here today. He will miss a lot.
  • Every careerist has a mentor in his or her personal career. Mr. X was my favorite mentor in the arena of personal development. I will be feeling his lack in the coming days.
  • Jim will be sorely missed. His presence has graced every occasion of life. We always hanker after his constructive role. Jim is our pioneer. Please accept our sincere condolences.
  • Time is passing away with its own way. Sometimes cut us with the divine order. We cannot help living with this nature trend. Out wishes and prayers are for you and your family.
  • We wish your time of great sorrow will soonest end. This will make you more strong in the days ahead because all of us will soonest be destined to experience the same.
  • We pray to our Creator for termination of your anguish and sadness. He will soon donate something opposite which will again enrich your family.
  • A time of great soul sorrow is temporary. In the long run, it would strengthen your family for the future affairs.
  • We are keeping your family in our prayers and thoughts. You will shortly be recovering from this deep pang of sorrowfulness.
  • I am sorrowing over in your loss of a child. Our Lord must be favoring you with his mercy as well as compassion.
  • We sorrowfully came to know that last year on this day you lost your husband (who died by a tragic car accident). Please accept our Sympathies.
  • I am keeping you and your husband in our prayers. We have all condolences at sorrowing parents. May our Creator give you another moon to lighten your family. 
  • I am really sorry for your loss of the husband. Actually, every person had to pass away from this world. We’ve found him as an excellent man. Please let us know your requirements if any.
  • I feel sorry for you and your family in the sad news about the loss of your father. He was our pioneer and mentor. He loved us as his children. Please accept our sincere sympathy.
  • I’m sorry for your loss of the husband. He was an architect of society. He was our leader. He guided us with his prudence. We will miss him.
  • I am sorry not to do something sympathetic to you and your family in the last twelve months. Please ask me for any help. I will be more than happy to help you out of any circumstance.
  • I’m sorry to hear the sad news of your husband’s passing on. Please accept my condolences and call on me anytime for any help.
  • We are sorry for your loss of the husband. He was a man of removing disappointment from us. He installed dreams and optimistic hope in our minds. We hope his memories will show you the best paths.
  • We pray to our Creator for your family. The sorry state of a will not be prevailing longer. Soon you will be under the blessings of our Lord.
  • The whole sorry episode shows that the man died for his country. We pray for his salvation in the kingdom. Our sincere condolences are with their families.
  • I am keeping your family in my prayers. And hope you will soon get back from this sad time.
  • Nothing permanent we are given in this transient world. Let’s be brave and look forward with the good memories of your husband’s living with you. Please talk to me for any help.
  • Everyone knows that men are born to die. Yet we feel sad at the death of our nearest and dearest one. I am really sorry for your great loss. You have all the sympathies on our part.
  • What a painful matter it is! Still, we have to be cool and patient when our close relatives die as the order of the Lord who has created all of us. May the departed souls live in peace in the blessed land.
  • I am seriously wounded to know about your loss of the mother who was a caring one for all of us. Hope your prompt healing from sorrow you are suffering in the last few months.
  • Some souls can surpass the level of human edification through their deed or contribution to the mankind. Your mother was such a successful woman during her lifetime. We are in deep gloom at her death. You are in our thought and prayers.
  • The news of your mother’s passing has incurably shocked us. She was an ideal for the woman of this generation. Our future generation would be deprived of stimulation and motivation. We extend our heartfelt consolation for you and your family at her passing.
  • Loss of the beloved one is painful for a human being and you are not an exception to. It is a test for us living if we can remain contented at the order of our Creator. Our contentment will accelerate living and make the deceased jolly in the paradise. Please accept our deepest sympathies.
  • I am acutely sorry for your loss of the mother. Hope your soon recovery from the anguish of such an irretrievable loss. You and your family will find us as sympathetic as always.
  • We have no expression for sympathizing you and your family at this un-retrievable loss of your father, who was a man of joys of springs and guide the community at any crisis. We all should take pride in him and follow his footstep in leading our lives. At this time of grief, we extend our share with you.
  • Our mental anguish is beyond imagination to know the passing of your loving father who was the winner of minds of millions of people. God might have chosen him for the heavens and we should be contented at this. Please accept my personal sympathy for you.
  • The passing of your father at this time is totally heath-breaking. May our Creator allow you to overcome this irrecoverable loss. Our thoughts are with you and your family members in this critical conjunction of life.
  • Good souls live here for a short time. They left an indelible imprint on our minds through their contribution to the society. They deserve to reside in the paradise with the mercy of the Lord to whom the living souls also beg for the abode. Please accept my sympathies.
  • Passing is the purest truth of human life. One cannot live and love to live in this world for a longer period of time. Our souls always long for reverting to the paradise where they used to reside with the mercy of our Creator. We should be satisfied with the God’s decision of your father’s journey to the afterworld. Please let us know if we can do anything for your family. You have all of our sympathies.



Sympathy Sentiments examples for your card 


  • No expression can say my state of melancholy at your loss of the father. He was a lovely brilliant human being. You father has made in an indelible imprint over thousands of mind. Lots of love for your family.
  • I cherish a memory of Mr. X who has exhorted the community in the last few decades. His love and sacrifice will be remembered forever.
  • The man departs but the leftover memory takes part in the songs of life, sometimes with much velocity and vividness. The memory of your father has been imprinted in our hearts.
  • On the passing of your mother, we pray to our Lord for her salvation in the life hereafter. Let her loving memories surround your family with her healing presence as always.
  • I forever cherish my memory of Mr. X. None has loved us more than he did dedicate to the emancipation of the entire nation.
  • For your irretrievable loss of the husband, I am sorry. May his spirits light you once every day.
  • What a wonderful life he leads! Generations will find enlightenment from his never-ending works and input.
  • My prayers are with you on your loss of such a brave friend. To us, she was more than a friend. She will live in our heart.
  • God is aware of what you are going through for the passing of your husband. Certainly, he will reward you with eternal mercy and clemency.
  • Men expire physically but outlive the corporeal body spiritually. May you have comfort in the past dreams of your son.
  • May your heart soon be filled with past memories. Our prayers and thoughts go out to your bereaving family.
  • After knowing the departure of Mr. X we are in gloomy hearts. He was the one and only source of our inspiration. No one can make us laugh as originally as he could. • It is the bluest for us that today onward we would not be seeing Mr. X. on the television screen. May his deceased heart be kept in the acme of the paradise.
  • I always remember your brother who was delightfully funny. On his demise, our heart is aching and crying aloud. May the Lord keep his souls in his blessings.
  • No one can exceed your husband in giving much laughter to lives of millions. Today at his departure we are acceding to sorrows with his vivid memory. Please accept our words of sympathy.
  • Though our hearts are in blue for the passing away of your father, God bless him in his journey to join his wife who passed away years ago. My sincere sympathy goes to you.
  • Some are mourning on the human death while we thank God for having such a noble man in this universe to make all of the laughs. Our nation is indebted to him for this perpetual input to the nation-building activities.
  • On hearing the passing of your mother I cannot bear my soul to your bereaved family with deep personal sorrow. We pray for the eternal peace of the departed heart.
  • Our sadness is beyond imagination on the passing of your father. I want to lay my words on the table about his past life. Our words of condolences are for your family members.
  • I am sorry for the going of your beloved mother. My words are to clear the air about signs of residing your mother’s souls in the heavens.
  • I am so sorry for your unbearable loss. Please remember that his soul might by this time meet the angels in the heavens. You will soon meet him there as well.
  • A human soul must succumb to passing for the kickoff of its blessed journey to our merciful Creator. May our Lord allow you to overcome these difficult hours.
  • We are blue on knowing your loss. Believe that God’s graces are with your mother’s souls as she possesses a compassionate heart.
  • Let’s there be no worries & sorrows for the alteration of your father. We believe his benign souls might reach the Promised Land.
  • We are in deep mourning at your loss. Be assured that your husband was one of the bravest who laid down his life for the sake of the country. Our thoughts are with your family.
  • The sacrificing souls never die. Rather they remain alive in their deeds. Please accept our condolences.
  • Let’s the mercy of the Lord blow over your mourning family for you have lost such a man who was in great affinity of the Lord. We are sharing your times of difficulties.

Sympathy sentiments for loss of Father



On the loss of the mother

  • Not all hearts are equal in terms of influencing others life and living. His impact was so profound that none of us would be able to forget him. He has won the heart of all officers in the company.
  • With the passage of time, we will retire one by one. But the one heart will always be felt in our mind. It is Mr. X who has invaded us with his virtues and good jobs.
  • His memories will not be obliterated from the heart. His contribution will be remembered all the time with honor and veneration.
  • His life seems an aggregation of thousands life. His achievement in the corporate world is unparallel. We have adopted his way of living and way of looking at the life.
  • We wish your prompt recovery from these hard times. Please be satisfied that his memories will be with you for the coming years though he departed.


On the loss of the father

  • May your coming days give you enough comfort and peace in your mind time.
  • In the corporate world, he has become an icon for the future generation. He will be remembered in many ways for his footsteps have touched every arena of the business world.
  • One time every single creature has to leave the world, no doubt. We wish you would soon cope up with the current tough situation.
  • Be optimistic that your friends and family are still with you to provide you with the support you would require in the life. Moreover; we would more than happy to be in help of you.
  • All the time we will bring you memories of happier days and give you peace in the days ahead.


On the loss of the husband

  • All the time we will bring you memories of happier days and give you peace in the days ahead.
  • It is also our pleasure that he will still be living with his unparallel memories in our heart, and as long as one is remembered, one lives on.
  • I wish the peace and comfort for you and your family in these difficulties.
  • Our remembrance will continue to immortalize him amongst us. Be assured that we will be cherishing his dreams in our everyday life. It’s no more sentiment for us.
  • His journey to the unknown is bringing your loneliness for we will be in favor of you as always.
  • Our hearts and minds are with you particularly in your time of sorrow.



Mentioning the name of the deceased in your greetings

Mentioning the name of the deceased in your greetings cards is sometimes encouraged. Above all; it implies close intimacy with the person.

  1. Mike will remain ever fresh in our mind.
  2. Mike’s memories will outlive everything.
  3. At Mike’s passing away, we pray for your comfort in friendship and hope in prayer.
  4. We will always keep Mike in thought and prayers.
  5. We pray for your reverting to a good time asap.
  6. We are very sorry to hear the sorrowful news of Mike’s.
  7. The place Mike has occupied in our mind is vaster than our lives.
  8. Mike will be kept in our mind for the longest possible time.
  9. Our sadness knows no boundary at Mike’s departure. Please let me know if there’s anything for me to do.
  10. We will keep you and your family in our prayers.


The closing of the Sympathy Sentiments

Here are a few closing of sentiments for your guide. These signatures are widely applicable to your sentiments.


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