Thinking of you quotes and images for Her/Him : The best quotes in 2021

Lovers cannot pass a moment without thinking of each other. Here are quotes for them to depict the inner hearts of lovers.

Let’s see 77 thinking of you quotes and images for her/him.

Every second every minute I think of you and it seems to me that even death cannot refrain me from thinking over and over. It’s never-ending.
What’s happened to me? I cannot stop thinking of you for a second only.
Most delighting is more thinking of you.
I need nothing to think of you all day long.
My heart gets suppressed if and when I shun thinking of thou.
I can wait for you for decades just thinking of you.
Marvelous is my feeling while thinking of you, dear.
Thinking of you quotes and images

My breathing is calling you and my sight is full of you. I am thinking of you.
I feel my heart starts dancing while thinking of you.
I am rolling back to your past memories, time and again.
The world moves on, another day, another month, but not for me, not for me, all I think about you.
Look what your memories are doing in my heart, its all–pervasive divinity.
What was done is still going on inside my mind; will continue until the dooms-days.
As much as I attempt to quit your thinking, I fail gravely.
What happens to me? I cannot but help to shed tears if you are not before me.
We two are two starts of the cloudy night sky hugging each other intimately.
You are always in my core thoughts, in the morning, afternoon and night.
You have mingled insights, thoughts, and might.
All call me crazy for thinking of you all days long, but you are my all joys.
Sometimes I face the paradox of life and then I got right paths just thinking of you.
My heart is blind if it does not think of you.
I am thinking of you, not because of my freeness but because of my continued existence.
I swear by God, I would die smilingly thinking of you dear.
Your thinking is inseparably forming part of my living.
No end in joys of thinking of you.
Your thinking travels the domain of my mind within every fraction of a second.
I never miss you staying 1600 kilometers away as I am thinking of you on and on.
You are my only source of inspiration to live, think and breathe my last.
I live and love the world just for its allowing me to think of you.
I pass twelve days and nights thinking of you. It’s now festive too.
Going out of sight is out of mind is not true as evidenced by my thinking of you all day long.
Possible may be leaving you but impossible is living without thinking of you.
You are in my thought forever to make my living meaningful.

1 I will not forget you and #2 I will not stop thinking of you if you leave me or even forget me.

WIth the above sympathy expressions, you can offer your condolences on the loss of your friends.

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